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Flames @ Blues Gamethread

Anyone who plays sports select might be prudent to pick a tie between these two clubs tonight. Both are having problems scoring and neither is capable on the PP. And although the Flames are well ahead of St. Louis in the standings, we all know they are decidedly lousy during PPV broadcasts (for whatever reason). A low event 1-1 shoot-out seems almost inevitable.

Other stuff to watch for:

- Patrik Berglund was a calder contender most of the season last year. He was in the black in terms of possession but he also benefited from PDO (on-ice SH% + SV%) of 105. This year? He's a team leading 18+/60 in terms of possession, but the percentages have snapped back to the mean with a vengeance: PDO of 95.2, including an incredibly bad SH% of 3.32%. He's apparently a healthy scratch tonight. The hockey gods can be kind and cruel.

- Flames have allowed 28 shots against in the last two first periods. Might want to get that under control.

That's all I got for now. Let the comments roll.