Flames in Bad Territory

Scott Reynolds of Copper 'n Blue takes a look at teams with bad historical shot differentials and where they finished in the standings.

It's not a pretty picture. Ranging from -9.0 to -4.5 per game, none of the 11 teams made the post season and many of them were picking in the top 10 during the ensuing draft. Not the best news for Edmonton, who currently sit last in the NHL by this measure.

Nor the Flames, for that matter. Calgary differential is -5.6, which is worse than the 08/09 New York Islanders. Yuck.

There are reasons to think that trend will reverse itself eventually though, given outshooting was the Flames strength just last year and I doubt the keys to that ability were Bertuzzi, Primeau or Vandermeer. On the other hand, the change will have to be a drastic one to get the team on the plus side of the ledger. Only COL and EDM have managed less shots on net per game and only 9 other teams have allowed more.

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