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Flames At Stars Gamethread

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Calgary Flames
@ Dallas Stars

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009, 5:30 PM PST
American Airlines Center

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Lot's of down time recently, so questions about the team have been left hanging over everyone's heads. Through the first month there's things to like and dislike about the club but we're probably still not all that close to knowing precisely what we have this year. One thing we can probably say for certain is: choosing Jokinen over Cammalleri was a mistake.

Calgary rolls into Dallas, who is suddenly healthy. This isn't a team I fear anymore and I think that Modano and Lehtinen are lesser additions to the roster relative to a few years ago, but...Calgary can't afford to take anyone lightly given the quality of their play lately (outside of a few bright spots that is). On top of all that, beleaguered back-up Curtis McElhinney will get a chance to redeem the game 5 loss this evening. I've been slow to indict the youngster on the strength of so few starts (and such crappy support) but the truth of the matter is he'll have to put together better than average performances going forward in order to preserve his place in the line-up. Maybe he'll start tonight.

Let the swearing begin!