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Flames @ Red Wings Gamethread

Mark your calenders - the Detroit Red Wings are currently outside the play-off picture. Will it last? I don't know, but it's been a long time since that club last had to look up at the post-season cut-off point. The problems infecting Detroit are numerous and, for once, they look rather vulnerable.

"Glimpses of grandeur now faced with defeat...
I've waited so long...I've waited so long..."

Stuff to watch for:

- Chris Osgood is dreadful again this season. I'm a subscriber of Detroit's "skrimp on goalies, invest in the skaters" strategy, but the key to following that path is to have at least average puck stopping. An excellent team can overcome terrible netminding for only so long.

- Despite their struggles, the Red Wings still have some players that are scary as hell. Zetterberg and Datsyuk are amongst the best two-way forwards in the league while Lidstrom can still get it done. As such, having Jamie Lundmark play with Iginla and Jokinen on the road against any one of these guys makes me nervous.

- Calgary has begun to eat into the ugly shot differential they were sporting at the end of Ocotober. They're still underwater (-3 and change), but that's pretty sizable improvement nonetheless.

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