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Flames @ Ducks Gamethread

It's been a tough go for the Ducks. Doesn't mean the Flames can take them lightly though. Anaheim has one hell of a first line with Getzlaf and Perry and Calgary hasn't won in Anaheim since...well I can't remember.

Stuff to watch for:

- With Iginla and Jokinen having perhaps their best single game together this season LA, I'm guessing Sutter will match them against Getzlaf's trio (which is how Carlyle has been doing things this year anyways). Even with Iginla's turn around in full effect, that's not a match-up that fills me with confidence.

- Jamie Lundmark filled in well enough on the wing with the aforementioned big guns. Imagine, then, what another legitimate top 6 forward could mean for this club.

- McGrattan versus George "porn-stache" Parros this evening. Who wins? Who cares?

- With Iginla likely facing the big boys all night, perhaps guys like Langkow, Dawes, Moss, Glencross and Boyd will be able to feast on the Ducks rather dreadful forward depth.

- SNET showed a Brent Sutter interview where he praised the work of Mark Giordano, who's scoring chances and corsi numbers have gone through the roof since he moved to the third pairing.

- Kipper in net tonight. Flames will face the suddenly ineffectual JS Giguere. There was a time that would have been bad news, but no longer.

Let's get it on.