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Flames versus Blackhawks Gamethread

If the Flames were a 9 year old girl, the 'Hawks would be the drooling monster under the bed. Chicago swept the season series last year, dismissed Calgary in the first round in the play-offs, treat Jarome Iginla like a prison bitch and created the unfortunate "the 5 goal lead is the most dangerous one in hockey" meme by handing the Flames perhaps their most embarrassing defeat in recent memory.

So, yeah...forgive me if I'm not too stoked about Calgary's chances tonight.

- It's not just that CHI has the Flames number. They are legitimately one of the best clubs in the league. And Marian Hossa hasn't skated a single game for them yet.

- At some point, Olli Jokinen is going to score some goals. It's bound to happen, because it's almost impossible to play as much as he does with the players he does and not have a few pucks bounce in. Hell, Bertuzzi did it the first 15 games or so last season. However, in direct contrast Jokinen's claim below, his lack of production is just complaint amongst a laundry list I have about his performance thus far. Unless he starts doing other things right, I'll likely continue to bemoan his play...even if his SH% bounces back up to career norms.

- Who gets the heavy lifting tonight? Jarome went back to seeing the toughs last game and he drowned against Stastny/Wolski. I can't imagine the battle going much better against the likes of Toews and Kane. Of course, Quenneville might just prefer matching Madden with Jarome, so it may not be an issue. Of course, given his performance against the Hawks the last year or so, it may not matter.

Let the bitter invectives flow!