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Flames versus Avalanche Post-game Reactions and Highlights

In a new post-game feature, here are some reactions and highlights from around the 'net.

- The Calgary Herald Game Story by Scott Cruickshank includes this appropos nugget

Why The Flames Lost...

- Because Colorado's logo should be a battered shinpad. Frustratingly for the opposition, the Avs thwart chance after chance by sticking their catalogues in front of shots.

- Daniel Lemmon echose those sentiments in Calgarypuck's Game Takes. Like myself, he also likes the recent play of Dustin Boyd

On another note, the play of Dustin Boyd at this point in time is simply fantastic. While he’s still not great as a physical presence on with the puck, he’s making a lot of really good decisions and seems to be playing with a great deal of confidence.

Good to know it's not just me being a fanboy.

Inside the Flames notes that even Brent Sutter is starting to get annoyed with Jokinen's inability to dent the twine

But seeing Jokinen marooned at two goals — despite primo ice time, despite primo linemates — appears to be bothering his boss a tad.

"Well, we certainly need production from him . . . I'm not going to deny that," Flames coach Brent Sutter said Tuesday night after the Finn's latest oh-fer. "I think he's fighting it a little bit, no question. But we have to keep pushing, he has to keep pushing.

..."because we're stuck the guy" I would add. Sigh.

And finally, my choice for top highlights of the night (from a Flames perspective, of course):

Feel free to add other news, notes or video links in the comments.