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G19, Avs @ Flames, Talk-Radio-Free Post-Game


Scoring chances

H2H icetimes

ZoneStart, G19, Avs @ Flames

About 99% of sports talk radio callers make shit up*. Case in point: I tuned in to the FAN960 post-game last night.

That was a mistake.

They sure love their C-words on the FAN: confidence, character, ciller instinct (heh). I'm pretty sure those things played a role in last night's loss, but some folks are so focused on the game-within-the-game-within-the-game. It's like double vision, you see two of everything so you think there's two of everything. Sometimes there's not even one of anything.

EV Shots On Goal    : 9-10
EV Shots Toward Net : 16-18
EV Faceoff Starts   : 6-2
EV Shots On Goal    : 11-9
EV Shots Toward Net : 17-14
EV Faceoff Starts   : 5-4
EV Shots On Goal    : 9-2
EV Shots Toward Net : 22-3
EV Faceoff Starts   : 6-3
EV Shots On Goal    : 29-21
EV Shots Toward Net : 55-35
EV Faceoff Starts   : 17-9

  • It might be just me but I think the faceoff starts told the story of the game better than the Corsi. The Flames were easily worse in the second period to my eye, than either the first or third.
  • As near a hard match as you can ask for between Iginla and Stastny (12 of Jarome's 16 EV minutes and Stastny's 17). Who lost that battle? I'd say Jarmoe.
  • A lot of Stastny minutes for Regehr and Phaneuf, but Bouwmeester actually took a fair chunk of that time himself. Even when he's not taking the toughs, he's taking the toughs. Speak of the devil, he played a whopping 18 EV minutes in total, the most amongst the Flames skaters.
  • Without shift charts (hopefully Vic gets this going again, but if not, don't worry folks, it's coming!), the story is not complete. But it looks to me like Boyd was given some sweet ice time to work with. And he looked comfortable playing those minutes.
  • The first COL goal was bogus, you could see Phaneuf's stick was held, preventing him from getting to the loose puck. So much for that "lack of desperation" theory.
  • WalkInvisible in last night's comments said that Bourque's fight was selfish on his part. Maybe. But the replays showed an uncalled slash on Bourque's stick (can anyone second this?) which effectively killed our 6-on-5 anyway. Myriad other incidents confirm: officiating was not at its finest.
  • The Corsi count might indicate that the Flames only outshot the Avs on the back of that third period flurry, but the ice was already tilted way before then. Colorado was more "opportunistic"... whatever that means.

The Avalanche are not a good team.

* I just made this up.