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Flames versus Avalanche Gamethread

Flames and Avs will be dueling for first in the division tonight...which is frankly meaningless this early in the season. The Flames had a 13 point lead on the NW crown heading into March last year and still managed to balls it up, so, really...some very marginal bragging rights up for grabs, but little else.

Other stuff:

- I've been rather dismissive of the Avs this season, but their first line of Stastny/Wolski/other (usually Hejduk) is actually pretty damn good now that it looks like Wolski is figuring things out. They're the trio the Flames will have to mostly worry about tonight I imagine.

- Anton Stralman scored his 10th and 11th points the other night for the BJ's. Aaron Johnson remains a healthy scratch and Staffan Kronwall was sent down to the farm for "conditioning" today. No relevance to the game tonight - just thought I'd throw that in there.

- Calgary and Colorado have pretty rank shot differentials. However, the Flames have actually outshot the bad guys this year when the score is tied (not by much, but let's look at the bright side for now). The Avs, on the other hand, are by far the worst team in the league by this measure, with a SF/SA ratio of 0.656. Only three other clubs in the league are below 0.800 to put that in context.

- My Cory Sarich watch continues. He's been awful by my eye for a couple weeks now, but Sutter is sticking by the Bouwmeester/Sarich pairing. I'd imagine he'd be a bit more "experimental" if Sarich's multiple f-ups the last few games hadn't been covered up by Kipper's sublime goaltending.

Let the Jokinen bashing begin.