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Head to Head: G17-18, Flames @ Sabres and Leafs, Post-Games

It's not too late for a post-game, is it? Surely not when head-to-head icetime data is involved... more after the jump.

General thoughts:

The Sabres and Leafs games were much the same, I thought. We weren't fantastic at EV, but we were really bad on special teams. Kiprusoff played out of his mind, and Iginla was OK.

Now for the good stuff. Attached are the head-to-head ice-time tables and faceoff zone start numbers for every player in the BUF game (020265) and the TOR game (020268). The file formats are .CSV (comma-delimited) text files. If you're a Windows user, Excel can read these. Otherwise, you can use a text editor, or another spreadsheet program.

H2H table G17, CGY vs. BUF

ZoneStart, G17, CGY vs. BUF  

H2H table, G18, CGY vs. TOR

ZoneStart, G18, CGY vs. TOR

This is basically data that Vic made available through TimeOnIce last year. I don't know if this stuff is available this year, so I've put it up for public consumption. It's a ton of data to look at. My impressions:

  • Sutter's leaning on Bourque and Langkow hard in the defensive zone. That's why they had such awful Corsi numbers, I would imagine.
  • Iginla still gets respect around the league. Lindy Ruff threw both Tallinder and Pominville (his tough-minute guys) against him. Wilson decided to use Grabovski though, smart call I guess as it allowed him to free up Kessel to play vs. Boyd, Moss and Nystrom.
  • Bouwmeester has a pretty tough gig here in Calgary. Look at his icetime against Kessel. Then look at his zone starts.
  • Calgary needs to get its shit together and start putting pucks in the offensive zone.