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G16, Flames @ ... Wild? ... Post-Game


Scoring Chances Recap


At least they didn't play in the prisoner jerseys against us. Got-dang. No wonder they had to pay Cammalleri $30M to play in Canadiens silks.


EV Shots On Goal    : 6-6
EV Shots Toward Net : 15-9
EV Faceoff Starts   : 7-2
EV Shots On Goal    : 6-7
EV Shots Toward Net : 14-12
EV Faceoff Starts   : 2-6
EV Shots On Goal    : 7-6
EV Shots Toward Net : 13-11
EV Faceoff Starts   : 4-5
EV Shots On Goal    : 19-19
EV Shots Toward Net : 42-32
EV Faceoff Starts   : 13-13

Points of discussion:

  1. Overall, one of the Flames' better games. There are still some problems (argh, the breakouts!!!) but the implementation of shutdown hockey was solid imo. Not perfect, but solid. If you replay the game a thousand times the Canadiens probably manage one or two goals, but the Flames probably do the same.
  2. Kiprusoff had a great game. Like I said in the game thread, he was square to almost every shot and reacting very quickly even to the shots that beat him. I must say though, he was beat clean on the Gomez breakaway - it happens, but it's annoying that Sportsnet was showing that highlight over and over, in the middle of praising Kipper, as if to say "hey look at Kipper's outstanding mental psychout on Gomez!". Please.
  3. The PP was like Jekyll and Hyde. I thought the Flames were adequate-to-excellent at rotating the PKers and putting the puck in dangerous areas when they were in the zone. But gaining the zone... another matter entirely. Some individual end-to-end efforts in this regard allowed the Montreal D to stand us up at the blue line several times. Thank the lawd for that start-of-PP faceoff rule.
  4. The Flames should stick to 5v5. That 4v4 shift in the second period was a heart attack on skates, and Montreal ended up 3-0 in chances. Yuck.
  5. I think Iginla and Jokinen had iffy games. They were sick on the cycle on the Iginla goal, but otherwise were chasing the puck around. I know they are improving, but they are still not difference makers, and my patience is short and my memory long. Your mileage may vary.
  6. Phaneuf is very entertaining to watch when he's mad.