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Flames Versus Stars Gamethread

I was asked by Richard Durrett of to answer a few questions about the Flames and Stars heading into tonight's contest. I'll let you read the exchange in it's entirety at his place when he posts my responses, but one of them was in regards to how I (and Flames fans) view the Stars. Short version? I think they won't make the play-offs but they still scare me.

Calgary has had trouble with Dallas for years. For a long stretch of time, it seemed almost impossible to score on the Stars - for Flames players at least. On the rare occasions Calgary would claim a victory, it would be via an improbable set of cicumstances (Kipper standing on his head or last minute OT goal). Of course, that was back when Modano and Lehtinen were healthy, Zubov and Sydor were Stars and Tippett was coaching.

Flames tackle another, more recent nemesis this evening for the first time as well: the second night of a back-to-back. I'm sure I don't have to remind everyone that Calgary was absolutely putrid in these circumstances last season: not only did they frequently lose...they frequently lost BIG TIME. Here's hoping the team comes out with some sort of purpose tonight.

Bob was ultra thorough below, so that's it for me. Let's have at it.