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Flames Versus Red Wings Gamethread

The Red Wings aren't the heavyweights they were, but they still represent a significant challenge. In fact, outside of the Blackhawks, they're probably the best club the Flames will face inside their first 15 games (and we all know how the CHI game went).

No Franzen, no Hossa, no Hudler, no Filpulla, no Leino...but Datsyuk and Zetterberg are the kind of players that can do significant damage all by themselves. I'm guessing we'll see Zetterberg matched against Langkow while Datsuk will face Iginla - and that makes me a little nervous quite frankly.

The good news is, the Wings goaltending is still terrible and represents their primary achilles heel (again). If Kipper can significantly outplay Osgood, then it might not matter how good Dats and Zetterberg are this evening.

I won't be around for the live action this evening, so expect the scoring chance count to pop up tomorrow.