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Flames versus Oilers Gamethread

As well as being the third battle of alberta this year, this is game #10 of the season for Calgary, so expect more than the typical analysis once this one is over. That said, it's possible not a lot can be taken from a contest where the opposition is ravaged by the flu and sitting a bunch of their starters (just watch the Flames lose now that I've said that).

Since Jokinen was demoted to the third line (incidentally - that's where he was playing in PHX when the Flames traded for him), the Flames have made some strides in terms of limiting shots and generating scoring chances at ES. Jarome Iginla has looked more like his old self as well, although the shift away from playing him against the big boys may also have something to do with that. If those two trends continue, one wonders just how long the Sutters will be satisfied with paying 5.25M for a third liner. To put it another way, Scott of Copper 'n Blue snuck in this clever little bon mot over at his place when listing Calgary's forwards lines for tonight's contest:

Nystrom - "Lombo makes 1.9M" - Sjostrom


Let's get it on.