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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: G5 Stars @ Flames Post-Game

Corsi recap

It's not surprising that the Flames lost last night, given the perfect storm of circumstances that afflicted them: second half of a back-to-back, playing in front of a much-maligned Curtis McElhinney, with one of their most useful players (David Moss) out of the lineup and one of their least useful players (Olli Jokinen) in the lineup. Here's what Kent had to say about it before the game:

Flames tackle another, more recent nemesis this evening for the first time as well: the second night of a back-to-back. I'm sure I don't have to remind everyone that Calgary was absolutely putrid in these circumstances last season: not only did they frequently lose...they frequently lost BIG TIME. Here's hoping the team comes out with some sort of purpose tonight.

Prescient, my friends, prescient.

First Period
EV shots: 9-9
EV Corsi: +1 Calgary

Second Period
EV shots: 7-6 Dallas
EV Corsi: +4 Dallas

Third Period
EV shots: 4-3 Dallas
EV Corsi: +1 Dallas

EV shots: 20-18 Dallas
EV Corsi: +4 Dallas

(note: I derived these values by manually counting up shots from the game log. I'm not sure why but TimeOnIce is registering one more shot-on-goal from both teams)

I missed the first period, so in lieu of a period-by-period breakdown, I will just share some observations of what I was able to watch:

- My God the Iginla line was horrible again (Corsi: Iggy -10, Jokinen -8, Nystrom -10). He wasn't this ineffective early last season. At one point in the second period he got one-handed hard along the boards and onto the ice by Stephane fucking Robidas (HockeyDB: 5'11", 195 lbs.). Really, Jarome? Get your head outcher ass already!

- Dustin Boyd is getting a lot of shit dumped on him but I thought he played well and apparently he got something like 3 shots in 3 seconds in the first period. I didn't see what happened but that sounds like "shot-rebound-rebound", which translates to "scoringchance-scoringchance-scoringchance". Good for him.

- Calgary's PP looked dangerous again. One of their bright spots.

- The officiating wasn't great. A couple of obvious tripping penalties on both sides went completely unnoticed.

- Curtis McElhinney's first game of the year wasn't exactly awe-inspiring, but it wasn't entirely his fault. I'll say it right now, the first goal he let in was awful, he looked completely out of position. But the second period goals were flukey, and that fourth goal was just a great pass by Richards followed by Bouwmeester unable to react in time (although you will notice that Bouwmeester is in position and aware that Eriksson was there!)