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Flames Forwards and Their Truculence

There's been some arguments over how necessary the grittiness and the willingness to drop the gloves on a team is actually required. Old school conversationalists state that teams need toughness...

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter III: 520-516


In Part III of our offseason-long every-Flames countdown, we take a look at five more forwards.

The Flames use of Advanced Stats and PUCKS


Behind the scenes look at how the Flames make use of PUCKS and the video data for advanced stats...

Embrace the Chase: 5 Games Could Define an Era


Brent Sutter was brought in to take the Calgary Flames to the next level - the second round of the Western Conference playoffs. It hasn't really worked out. Now we're left with a team that more...

Shoot-outs Aren't Rocket Science - Use Your Best Shooters


Brent Sutter defied all statistical evidence when selecting his shootout lineup against the Minnesota Wild.

Embrace the Chase: 12 Games Remaining


Breaking down the Calgary Flames playoff chances with but a dozen games remaining. -The pace for 8th place sits at 92 points, based on a .564 points percentage for the Phoenix Coyotes (San Jose,...

Embrace the Chase: 14 Games Remaining


Continuing to update the Calgary Flames chase for a playoff berth. -Despite being in 7th overall currently, the Phoenix Coyotes are actually on pace to finish 8th overall with a points percentage...

The Rule of Glencross: It's a Thing


Does Glencross scoring first have an effect on games? Find out!

Mikael Backlund and Comparable Players


What are some player's seasons that Mikael Backlund's season is comparable to?

Rating the Potential GMs of the All-Star Game


Who was really the better NHL All-Star team? Team Chara or Team Alfredsson


Who's Getting Their Teeth Kicked In? The Mid-Season Advanced Stats Report


A look at some of the advanced stats defining the Flames season.

The Myth of Iginla's slow starts


Mythbusters at work on the Myth of Jarome Iginla always starting slow.

3 Biggest Statistical Surprises For the Calgary Flames (That Weren't Covered Yesterday)


A quick glance at the various odd statistics that are happening with the Calgary Flames this season. Who's struggling? Who's been a complete surprise?

Lee Stempniak Is How Good?


Who's been the best on the Flames in the early part of the season? A look at what fancy stats tell us.

Hockey Prospectus 2011-2012: What's the Dealio, Yo?


It’s no secret that I’m a big proponent of advanced stats. I feel like they add to the game and they’ve changed the way I view players’ effectiveness. Some of the earliest developers of advanced...

Challenging the Hockey Statisticians - Part 1


Challenging the Hockey Statisticians - Part 1

The NHL Elite and the surprising Flames


The Top 5 in 12 NHL categories and the surprising appearance of the Flames.

Ranking of NHL Teams Over the Last 10 Years.


The ranking of all NHL teams relative to each other over the last ten years.

Balanced Corsi Relative and the Calgary Flames


What does the Balanced Corsi Relative statistic say about the Calgary Flames this year?

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