Nationally broadcasted games, 2011-12, by team and network.

I did this ... just because. Thought you guys might be interested. Not sure if it's 100% right, but the search and replace function is a pretty awesome tool. It doesn't take into account regional games (CBC), flex games (NBC/VS), and TBD games (TSN2), because I would have to do more work, and I'm not interested in doing more work.

In the Category of Things you won't see in Canada

I usually don't put these type of things up because they are not strictly hockey related. So I'll tuck it off to the side and not put it on the front page. It can be rather controversial but I've seen a few articles now on SBNation about sexual orientation, military respect and so forth they don't strike me as particularly hockey related either. So I figured why not, it is the off-season. Why not put up something that I think is a real issue. I'll let the reader connect the dots for what this may or may not mean to sports markets, including hockey. This was on my local news last night. You'll recognize the T-shirt of a young fan. I also want to add that until you live in the United States you should be wary about jumping to conclusions. There are many differences. One myth is that Americans are lazy. Although those people that sit around and do nothing exist, they are no different in % to Canadians who do it. In reality in America many working-class Americans work 2-3 jobs as the college student in the video comments. That is inconceivable to most Canadians but it is true. I doubt she is getting Stars season tickets this upcoming season and if anything this Stampede in Dallas may give Calgarians a bit of pause in their yearly festive rodeo. Appreciate what you have...

Trade Alert! Woooo!!!

The Calgary Flames have acquired forward Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Flames Bargain FA Signings Get Nod from the Bruins

Yet another reason for me to get that Bobby Orr Bruins jersey I have put off buying for years. Our sister blog for the Bruins just put up their take on the worst and best FA signings. The Flames were no where to be seen on the worst list and tied the Hurricanes for the only two teams to have not just one but two top ten FA signings. I would have added Alex Tanguay as well. At a 3.5 Cap hit, the guy is half the price of Dany Heatley, higher in scoring last year and only one year older. The Flames have now had two very good off-seasons in the FA bargain bin, IMO--and no, I did not bribe them to put us in their list, I swear.

Like stats debates - come on over?

Some interesting debate about stats in hockey in respect to the Havlat-Heatley trade. Definitely worth the read, no matter which side you believe.

Brian Burke signs worlds smallest violin as free agent, learns to play

29 other teams didn't sign Brad Richards, but he didn't sign with the Leafs only because of cap circumvention. You know who scores goals Brian? Brad Richards. You know what doesn't score goals Brian? Righteous indignation.

Lacrosse All Questions Answered Thread

Hi Flames fans! Your Flames are the new owners of the NLL's Roughnecks, and this friday at 11am Eastern time I am hosting a lacrosse all questions answered thread. Come over all day to ask questions about the Roughnecks and more!

Update: Regehr Won't Waive for Sabres, Explores Other Options

According to multiple sources via Twitter, Robyn Regehr has confirmed that he will not be waiving his no-movement clause to accept a trade to the Buffalo Sabres and will explore other potential destinations.

Calgary Flames hire former NHL player Clint Malarchuk to coach goalies

CALGARY - The Calgary Flames have hired former NHLer Clint Malarchuk as the club's goaltending coach and named Chris Snow director of video and statistical analysis. Malarchuk, from Edmonton, spent last season with the Atlanta Thrashers as their a goaltending coach. He played 10 seasons in the NHL with Quebec, Washington and Buffalo from 1981 to 1992. Malarchuk was also a goaltending coach with Florida Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets during his career. He'll work with Flames starter Miikka Kiprusoff and other netminders in the system. Flames general manager Jay Feaster said head coach Brent Sutter strongly recommended hiring Malarchuk. "When we concluded our interview with Clint, I asked Brent what he thought, and without hesitation he said, ‘I think we should offer him a contract right now,'" Feaster said in a statement released by the Flames. "We had interviewed half a dozen candidates at that point. It was the first time Brent had such an immediate reaction and felt so strongly that we had found the perfect fit both for Brent but, even more importantly, for our goaltenders." Snow was Director of Hockey Operations for the Minnesota Wild for four seasons. He analyzed team rosters and cap commitments to plan strategy and prepare for contract negotiations and arbitration. His job with the Flames will be compiling video and statistical data for use by the club. Before he entered the business of hockey, Snow was a Boston Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Globe.

Flames on the Clock

Hockey Wilderness continues to drive through a community, poll based mock draft. Today, it is time for YOUR Calgary Flames to pick. We would love if you would stop by and help us choose the right player. The poll is open until 8PM central time. Hope to see you there.

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