Morrison Traded To 'Hawks


For AHL Defenseman Brian Connelly... ... I'm not displeased. I thought resigning BMo was a mistake getting a youngish D-man who has had success at the AHL level seems like a fair return.

Is Darryl Sutter the next coach of the Kings?


It may not be as whacky as Flames fans initially think. Darryl Sutter is not a bad coach. He took the Flames to their most storied accomplishment in this century. A Stanley Cup final run in 2004. He took a much less talented Blackhawks team than todays version to the Conference Finals in 1994. The problem was he was promoted to a position where he proved to be incompetent, General Manager, but as a coach he likely is on Dean Lombardi's short list. There is a term for this tendency to promote a person until they reach a position where they are incompetent. - The Peter Principle but the egg is really on Ken King not Darryl Sutter here and regressing Darryl Sutter back to a coach may be the best thing for him. Although Sutter, like Murray is a defence first coach, Sutter will certainly bring discpline to the club which may be what hockey players in sunny L.A. need. Sutter is likely up against Randy Carlyle and in L.A. the owners may weigh in to get the final word for Carlyle. For comparison purposes Sutter's NHL coaching record is 409 Wins - 320 L - 101 Ties and 30 OTL on three different NHL teams. Carlyle's record is 273 Wins - 182 L and 61 OTL all with the Ducks,

Karlsson Update - High Grade MCL tear out 6-8 weeks


The odds of Leland Irving getting his first NHL start just went up considerably.

Karlsson on IR - Leland Irving Called up


Another Flames rookie is up and in the line-up. The Flames have not seen this many 25 and under players (six) on the roster since a doey eyed Jarome Iginla was wearing a Dallas Stars jersey on draft day. Just a quick recap On IR - David Moss, Anton Babchuk, Mark Giordano and now Henrik Karlsson. 25 and under on the roster - Blake Comeau, Mikael Backlund, Roman Horak, Chris Butler, T.J. Brodie and now Leland Irving. I honestly can't recall a time when the Flames had this much youth - yeah no rebuild happening here - move along...

Sarich Denies Trade Request


Jay Feaster may not be able to confirm or deny Sarich's request to be traded but Sarich's camp came out with a firm denial. Illustrating a frustration with not playing and stating that he "wants to be out there." Rhett Warrener of Sportsnet has a bit of egg on his face at this moment, as the source of this leaked "trade request". Silly mainstream media, back and forth on these rumors. Where does this stuff come from, someone on the grassy knoll in their underwear and it certainly isn't us. Wasn't Feaster a blogger with the Hockey News before he was hired by the Flames. ; )

Preview of Battle of Alberta


Preview of Battle of Alberta tonight

PL3 on Waivers


The new thought Flames management is continuing to illustrate a retreat from the naive optimism they had starting the season. PL3 also known as PIERRE-LUC LETOURNEAU-LEBLOND, a boxer who occasionally plays hockey has been put on waivers. A pick-up most questioned from the get go, even though the price was only a 5th round pick. Not a complicated move here, the Flames obviously want Paul Byron back up on the roster.

T.J. Brodie Called Up - Babchuk on IR


A move that will likely surprise few at this point. T.J. Brodie is being called up to replace Anton Babchuk. This is good news for Flames fans as Babchuk has been underwhelming so far this season and Brodie is being given his chance on NHL ice for an evaluation. Anton Babchuk has a broken hand that was suffered in last nights game against the Wild. Personally, can not recall the play that occurred on, as Babchuk did not leave the game. A post game x-ray likely revealed it. Lucky break for Brodie, bad luck for Babchuk. Remains to be seen what will happen with the Flames but Babchuk has hardly been stellar so far this season.

Ivanans on Waivers


It appears someone has finally knocked some sense in to Jay Feaster where near useless pugilists are concerned. Now if only Leblond could go with him...

Unfounded Speculation from the Sun


WOW - Nothing like a journalist suggesting Flames moves who is not even watching Flames hockey. Garrioch is lost in the dark on this article. Jokinen is off to a great start and Hagman has been strong as well. According to this sage from the Ottawa Sun they are on the block to get traded by Feaster? I guess if a tank is the new direction that makes sense. Glencross minus Joker is not even rational speculation at this point, it is absurd.

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