Latest Dive: Olli Jokinen, the Promotional Trailblazer

OTTAWA, ON - JANUARY 28: Jarome Iginla #12 of the Calgary Flames and Team Chara skates on the ice during the 2012 Molson Canadian NHL All-Star Skills Competition at Scotiabank Place on January 28, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

After the Flames ended up beating the Blackhawks again on Friday night, many celebrated the win. Others, celebrated Olli Jokinen's ringing endorsement for McDonalds signature burger.

Sure, he wasn't paid for it, but I'm sure that there were, and probably will be, more Big Mac's consumed before hockey beer league games from now on. If McDonald's had any sense, they'd sign Olli up for a promotion contract for the next month. We don't know if Olli will be around for any time after the 27th.

Lots of other Flames players have had promotions thrown their way, and most are still debating money, or creative control. Here's what I've uncovered...

Alex Tanguay: After Alex's return a few games ago, he really showed us his vision, and long bombed a pass to Iginla to put the finishing touches on the win. His long distance has made him the front runner for Skype. "Need long distance vision with great clarity, like me? Skype is your answer. *flashes smile*"

Matt Stajan: After being in the press box more than he's been playing, Stajan has apparently gained some interest in the local businesses. A local entrepreneur has signed yours truly's favorite whipping boy to be the spokesman for his vacuum business. The catchphrase? "Thought things were bad before? Matt Stajan guarantees that things will suck a lot more"

Krys Kolanos: The latest signing by Jay Feaster already has a head start in the promotional department. With youth on his side, and his drive to reach the top, Kris has signed on to promote a 90's hits compilation. You know, Ace of Base, NKOTB... All the stuff you hated in your teens...ON ONE ALBUM! *Frosted tips not included*

Jarome Iginla: With our faithful captain's optimistic approach, and never say die attitude, the promotional offers have always come in bunches for Jarome. Between Feaster and himself, they've signed onto promote the bright future of the Flames, brought to you by Prozac.

Michael Cammalleri: It was a nice surprise a couple weeks ago to have Cammy back and ship Bourque out at the same time. With how much he was revered last time he was here, Cammalleri was flooded with offers, and signed on with Enmax. The creative control was the sticking point, but was ironed out so that the commercials can run with "We'll provide you with all the energy that Bourque never used..."

Brent Sutter: Brent was one of the last to be approached. There weren't many offers, but he did get an offer from Its not like he shows emotion whether we win or lose... It's all about the system you play with.

Anton Babchuk: Although we haven't seen much of King Anton this year, he signed a deal before the year started. Some were up in arms over it, especially MADD, but Mr. Babchuk did sign on to promote an limited edition alcoholic beverage, with the catchphrase being "No matter how many shots you take, your offensive side will look terrible"

Jay Bouwmeester: Jay has been playing long minutes for what seems like forever in his career. Some say he's a bit too soft in how he plays, but you can't be too rough, when you need to be doing your job that long. For these qualities Mattress Mattress has signed Jay-Bouw. "Whether its on the ice or at home, nothing describes my play on the ice, or my mattress quality, like soft, where I can spend lots of time doing nothing, especially scoring"

Miikka Kiprusoff: Miikka was approached by Westjet for their Florida destinations this spring. When Jay Feaster approached Kipper with the outline for the contract, and just winked as he said "Might wanna take a look at this seriously..."

Leland Irving: With Miika's offer from WestJet, Leland got his first taste of the bigs this year, and also got some offers himself. A nice little step up was the 12th Anniversary of The Replacements. Karlsson wasn't impressed to say the least.

Chris Butler: Being the defensive whipping boy, Chris didn't get much for promotional offers to help himself out. The one that did come in was for a convenience store: Minus 7 Eleven.


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