Flames/Senators Post-Game: Rock 'N Roll

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There are games where a team is good. There are games where a team is dominant. And there are games where the team is just a rock 'n rolla. This was the third.

The Flames started out a bit rocky,  with Tim Jackman scoring the first goal, before falling behind by one on two quick goals by Chris Kelly and Chris Campoli.  The Flames were marginally outplayed in the scoring chances that first period, coming short at 11-12. The next two periods were a totally different story. 

Calgary dominated on the power play in both the latter two periods, putting up 18 shots in 8 minutes of PP ice time. To put this in perspective, the Flames season average before tonight was 48 shots/60 minutes. And who starred on the man-advantage? A trio of unlikely players: Curtis Glencross, Anton Babchuk, and Tim Jackman.  Both Glencross and Jackman have become fan favorites for their hardnosed play and consistent efforts, but Anton Babchuk showed off his scoring abilities tonight, totaling 3 points (1G-2A), two of which were on the power play. 

On the flip side of the puck, a trio of Flames players who we usually have at least mild expectations for were somewhat disappointing at ES tonight: Brendan Morrison, Jarome Iginla and Rene Bourque. My main observation was one I've been making for a while: Jarome doesn't battle for pucks anymore. It's hard to say why, it's painful to see, and it keeps happening. But as for the three as a whole? I'll quote Kent in his scoring chances article tonight at Flamesnation.ca

If you're looking for something to worry about, Jarome Iginla, Brendan Morrison and Rene Bourque got absolutely WORKED this evening in terms of possession and chance differential at 5-on-5, and it wasn't all Bourque's fault. In fact, Iginla fought the puck even more than #17. He was especially vulnerable to being caught by a backchecker in the shallow end of the offensive zone. They ended up chasing guys[sic] around a lot in the defensive end as well.

Not good folks. That being said, the rest of this game was pure rock 'n roll by the Flames, which is as it should be, given what an awful club the Senators are. 

Gratuitous Post-Game Literal Rock 'N Roll Song

Rock N' Roll (Part 1) - The Gay Blades (Official Video) (via WMGILG)

Gamethread Comment of the Night

Farmers must watch a shitload of TV, because they sure advertise a lot of fertilizer. Surprised they have so much time, between farming and complaining, I figured those guys would be pretty busy.

by mike_H on Feb 9, 2011 8:14 PM PST  [Editor's note: I apologize to any farmers who Mike has offended]


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