The Flames are After Kyle Turris

Sign with us kid or we are going to break your neck. Kyle Turris #91 in negotiations with the Phoenix Coyotes. Calgary is strongly rumored by ESPN along with Ottawa to have strong offers on the table for the young hold-out.

How solid is that rumor? Very solid according to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN. Take it to the bank and deposit it solid. In fact he highlights a short list for Turris that includes Ottawa and Calgary. 

Our cohorts for the Ottawa Senators over at Silver Seven sound positively giddy about getting the young lad. (Silver Seven)

The Calgary Flames have been rumored as a potential suitor for Kyle Turris, but perhaps not quite clear is just how serious they are in their interest. 

Well, consider the Flames very, very interested in the unsigned Phoenix Coyotes center. You can take that to the bank. 

The Flames, a source told on Tuesday, have kept weekly tabs on the Turris situation, holding numerous discussions with both the Phoenix Coyotes and the Turris camp led by agent Kurt Overhardt. ~ ESPN Nov 1, 2011

On the surface this makes sense for Calgary and it doesn't.

The Flames have a plethora of Centers but no one close to the #1 role. Watching 36 year old Brendan Morrison, fresh off of knee surgery, center Alex Tanguay and Jarome Iginla highlights the Flames never ending woes at the top C position. Nothing against Bmo, but even if his game picks up he isn't going to be anyone's idea of a #1 C at this point in his career.

Getting Turris makes sense in the rebuild / retool camp. Kyle Turris is after all 22 years old. A first round pick, 3rd overall in the 2007 draft but Flames fans better steal themselves for a deal that may include Mikael Backlund going back the other way.

Everything out of the Coyotes camp has been no deal, no matter what, but you have to wonder at what point Maloney pulls the trigger on a deal if it is a fair offer. Regardless of his circumstances and everyone knowing Turris will not play for the Coyotes, you have to know a trade is still a trade and who turns their back on a trade that makes sense.  

Given how much Rene Bourque liked playing with Daymond Langkow, you would have to think he was part of the deal. 

What are your thoughts on Turris?

Edit: Very relevant article here from Kent Wilson on Flames Nation and another here, cripes I almost wrote Kent Nilsson. My response to Wilson is sample size, sample size, sample size. You can't compare these two rookies fairly at this stage imo.

Turris is the kind of player that has much more potential than Backlund. Backlund has been strong because he is smart but Turris is the kind of kid who in the right environment could really excel. An environment with two old and positive vets like Iggy and Tangs is what I am talking about. 

I suspect Feaster knows this. If he can pull this trade off without moving Backlund it is a clear win but even if he does ship Mikael it still may have more upside for the Flames in the long run - imo. 

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