Hot Coals & the Trade Bork Competition

Following up on Scott's post on the Rene Bourque trade rumors, Hot Coals is going to include a trade Bork challenge. Create your trade scenario in the comments. Our readers are definitely a step above average so it will be interesting to see what comes out. All the usual, know the other team's needs, the cap and all that - don't worry too much about NTCs - we know they get waived. 

Lets see what you got M&G readers and writers? Easy to knock a trade, much harder to come up with a good one yourself. You will be making Female Flames fans cry but fact is a change of scenery may actually be good for Rene. He is a better player then he realizes imo.

I'll put myself out there for ridicule to start the ball rolling with a trade proposal to the Penguins


Calgary - Bork (3.333) & Stempy (1.9)

Penguins - Jordan Staal (4.00) & Matt Cooke (1.8) (Cap gain for Pens 567K)

Notes: Calgary sends two legitimate top 6 wingers to a team that has a dearth of C's and is in need of Wingers. I think Bork and Stempy buck the stat quantifications, especially Bork. If you think life has been tough for Iggy with no top C, imagine what life has been like for Bork. 

Crosby or Malkin could easily unleash a 40 goal scorer in Bork. I'm serious when I say that. For Calgary the never ending quest for a top line C will end, successfully or not, with J. Staal who has been stuck on the third line in Pittsburgh for years. Matt Cooke is the lemon in the lemonade in this trade but despite being the asshat of the NHL he still can be seen as a legitimate 3rd line winger.

If the Pens want to keep him they can, I still do a Bork and Stempy trade straight up for Staal. I include Cooke for Cap reasons for the Pens. This trade only happens after both Crosby and Malkin are back in the line-up.  Make your critique in the comments and your daily links are after the jump. 

  • This is probably part of the reason we are seeing these trade rumors circulate whether it is Bork, Joker, Moss or you name it. The Flames are sitting on too many NHL level players at the moment. (The Herald)
  • It wasn't Luoooo, it was Boooooo the other night in Van City :o - (Montreal Gazette)
  • As per Haley mentioning it earlier Ivanans has been waived - link to Flames Nation for the pic. That guy has some pipes. (Flames Nation)
  • Olli Jokinen - the secret to Olli's hot start is in the mental prep. (Calgary Herald)
  • Curtis Glencross nod - he is making me a believer and I was one of the skeptics on him for this season. (Montreal Gazette)
  • I would describe the win against the Oilers the other night as a clunky win at best. But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Is this what the Oilers rebuild is going to turn into? (Edmonton Journal)
  • Did we mention this yet? Sven Bartschi won player of the week in the WHL. This kid will be on the roster next year for a decent look. So refreshing to see skill drafted instead of the previous Darryl Sutter size over skill. (Vancouver Sun)
  • Fear the Rangers tonight. As I usually do, after the Oilers game ended I tuned into the game which has the next team to play the Flames. In this case the Rangers / Canucks game. Eyes Wide Open in Terror was my response - Henrik Lundqvist was horrifying - 40 saves and several amazing ones for the shut-out. With the Flames struggling to beat Dubnyk I have no idea how they are going to beat Lundy. (TSN) 
  • Non-Hockey related link - Gaddafi is dead (Reuters)
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