Random thoughts from the Carolina game

So as luck would have it I got to go to the game tonight.  This is what I saw during the game that impressed me about our new look Flames and some things that could use some work.  Feel free to disagree or agree or just rage on me for thinking these things.

Also on a funny note I wore my Phaneuf jersey with white stick tape over Phaneuf saying "WHITE" and white stick tape below the number saying "I GO TO TORONTO" Dion Phaneuf.

Higgins is strong on the boards at one point I remember him sheltering the puck (third period) from 3 canes on the half boards.  The finish is just not quite there for him but it could come.  Nothing overly special on the PK just good and solid.

Kotalik has a rocket even from a snapshot, stupid decision making with puck on the point for PP I remember him driving the puck into the shins of a Cane in the first period.  That being said he kept the puck lowish on his shots.  Strong guy but a little timid deep in the O zone, actually not totally inept playing defense as his one penalty was on the breakout.

Stajan had two great scoring chances one of which he scored on (a beauty of a move that had skill writen all over it) the other was on a Iginla rebound and Ward made a great save.  Not too noticeable other than that, also from afar has some chemistry with Iginla.

Hagman had a meh game I didn't notice too much of him but if that line stays together my guess is that we will only notice two or the three in any game.

White had a great shot block after taking a penalty I noticed he doesn't take the body but plays positioning mostly.  Nothing special from him the corsi number for him that came up in the game thread was surprising I would like to know who played in front of him.  My personal thought is he is not re-signed this summer and D. Sutter would gladly let him sign with a other team as a RFA and take the picks.  BTW if he signs for what he wants elsewhere the Flames get a 1st and 3rd (3.5 million) which makes the Phaneuf trade better in my opinion.

Mayers has wheels had a good fight but he plays a competent game.

I thought J-bouw and Regehr had a good to great game on the 5 on 3 late in the first they where out for the the last 1:30 of the period.  Also at the end of the game I noticed they played together at a increasing rate, perhaps a sign of things to come or just making sure we shut Stall down?

Gio had a great hit.  Sarich took what like 8 minutes worth of penalties.  On the penalty subject that was borderline BS how many we got.  It is downright amazing we outshot them with the lopsided penalties.

I loved the 3Bs line!!! great offense capable D as I only noticed once where they really got caught in their own zone for an extended period of time.

Let me know what you thought.  Oh and sorry for the long windedness of the post.

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